venerdì 28 agosto 2009


Riporto un piccolo estratto di un pezzo firmato da Marshall Goldsmith per la rivista Business Week nel quale chiede a Kotler alcune considerazioni sul valore del marketing in un periodo di burrasca come questo.
Per chi volesse approfondire qui trovate la versione integrale: "Marketing in The Age of  Turbolence"

Are there any marketing maxims that must be preserved even in bad times?

Yes. I would mention three:

1. Understand your target customers and solve their problems in a better way than your competitors.

2. Build your brand promise that is delivered by everyone in your business network (employees, distributors, suppliers).

3. Innovate continuously in your products, services, and supply chain.

What changes should marketing departments make in these times?

Most marketing departments are tactical, not strategic*. They can do marketing research and marketing communications (ads, brochures), and have other skills for developing and launching a product. But they don't really drive the company's growth strategy. I know of a pharmaceutical company that only calls in a marketer when it wants to decide on the color for a new pill.

*Mi permetto di aggiungere che questo è probabilmente il vero nocciolo della questione... troppi esecutivi pochi pensatori!!!!

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