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Vi riporto di seguito un estratto di una interessante discussione pubblicata su Linkedin nel gruppo Marketing Communication.  Fred Page, un simpatico signore della Florida, ha chiesto semplicemente questa cosa: "Definite brand con una sola frase". Ebbene, il buon Fred ha già ottenuto 753 risposte! Intanto vi pubblico le prime...

Susan Dato • an umbrella of a perceived or intended image and the promise it holds, which can be easily identified across all interactions.

Sajit Nair • its like a Idetity card of a Company, in short.. itz a symbol, charecter/s, colour, or mark that distinguishes a product or sevice, company from its competitors.
A brand provides an identity to the product/service/company.

Sharon Schwendt-Vetere • I heard someone describe as follows and thought it rang true: a brand is nothing but promise delivered”

Adam Gilsdorf • A brand has become the identity or personality of a specific product, service, or business that is made real in many forms: name, symbol, sign, color or slogan.

Chirag Kumar Gupta (The Brand Boy) • "Psycho-graphical representation of a Product or services".

Rich Miller • I agree with Sharon...a brand is a promise, a mark of trust which comforts the brand user with a familiarity and the expectation that the brand will consistently deliver a certain quality and value.

Colin Turner • Yes, a brand is promise, but also an identifier and like any promise its value comes from the reputation of the identity.

Shiv Vasisht • Fred, I'd tell my client this (sorry, it would take more that one sentence):

YOU are a brand - representing a set of values to the world through your acts and words.

YOU, the brand, were born and bred at the hands of one set of people (family, neighborhood, schooling), but stand apart as an individual from others who come from the same gene pool (sister brands of the same company).

How would YOU appear to the world if you were living to the (new) dictates of (new) people every 18 months or so (the average life of a brand manager)?

Raise your brand as you would raise your child - give her the right values, and point her in the right direction, and help her along in times of stress. Try and change her life midway or often, and you will have a confused child, unable to get along in the world - a failed brand.

Manish Gupta • "A Brand is the Face value of the Company"

Marco Monfils • Judging from the unmanageable number of comments to many related questions in some of the other groups, I'd venture to say the definition of a brand is variable and infinite.

My (conceptual) definition of a brand relates to the purpose a brand can play in support of business objectives.

B = C + AV, in the eyes of the consumer

B = brand
C = commodity
AV = added value

If we want to be specific, the formulae can be modified to include the angle of relative cost.


B = C + AV (if AV >= AC), in the eyes of the company, company and stakeholder(s).

AC = added cost.



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